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Koniakow handmade laces, lingerie and wear
Our lace lingerie, traditional crochet laces - table clothes, serviettes and runners we offer in our shop are handmade of world famous koniakow lace. Koniakow lace has been famous for its art for many, many years. They decorate tables in the Vatican and many other eminent places. Tradition of lace-making in Koniakow is more than 200 years old.
Every item is handmade with the crochet-hook. Patterns used to do items come mostly from nature. Lace makers copy flowers and other motives designed by nature for their laces. Nowhere is the tradition of lace making more alive than in Koniakow, where older lace makers still teach younger ones the traditional way of lace making.
There is no factory in Koniakow where mashines produce thousands of laces. Laces are handmade in almost every Koniakow house. In the evening, after whole day work on the land, Koniakow lace makers crochet these works of art.
Koniakow lace lingerie is a new product from Koniakow. Mostly younger ladies are crocheting the underwear: thongs, bra & panty sets, t-shirts, skirts and many other products. Some of the older lace makers are angry about it. They say that it's profanation of Koniakow traditional lace art. However Koniakow lingerie very quickly became very popular all over the world.
Traditional laces - Table clothes, table runners, dresses, wedding dresses are made of cotton threads in white or ivory colour. When crocheting underwear, lace-makers use 100% cotton threads in many colours. They always use the finest cotton threads from Turkey or Egypt.
Our items should be washed by hand in temperatures not higher than 40 C. After washing, lingerie should be ironed for best results.
We cooperate with a few dozen Koniakow lace makers, some having more than 40 years experience in lace making.
Two women - Malgorzata Stanaszek and her sister Teresa Matuszny - are responsible for the quality of lingerie we offer in our shop. They are very experienced lace-makers.
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